Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rosa sat…so Martin could walk…so Barack could run…so our children can fly!

It’s a new day in America and a new dawn for the vision of what America stands for, proof that as a nation we can come together and work for a better, brighter future. There are huge hurdles to jump, huge boulders to dodge and huge chasms to leap but the election is behind us and the new leadership can get start their own Olympian challenges.

The election was good for America and potentially good for Detroit and its economy. Congratulations President Elect Barack! Congratulations America! Good luck to us all.

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Donna Romero said...

I love your comment - "Rosa sat. . ." - it says it all - it's great! It's so good that I wish I had thought of it because I am sure it will go down in history. In fact, my grandson is using it in his report - and of course, giving you your credit for a great statement!!!!!