Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello Whitney Fans

I hope you're still out there.

It's been awhile since I've posted anything but we're going to try to be more regular in the future.

Business is good, thank you. Comments are excellent. People -- including the local restaurant critics --seem to like Chef J's food and the ambiance we're trying to create. We've had more and more walk-in business (i.e., no reservations) at lunch time and our brunches and dinners have been busy, lively and fun. On Easter Sunday we were so busy I found myself bussing tables, which must have been a real treat for the professionals watching me stumble about!

Soon we'll be ripping up the front of the place to repair the fence and put in new walks and lawns and remove that big, ugly (to me anyway) awning to let the house shine through. We're also looking at some new carpeting for selected areas.

Meanwhile, yes, Virginia, we do have an answering machine and we are attempting to make sure the phone is answered whenever you call and that somebody will get back to you as soon as possible if they aren't there to answer your call. We apologize to anyone who had a different experience, and we thank you for letting us know about it.

And, yes, Virginia, we will be having garden parties again this summer, hopefully more than in past years and with some fun new twists. We're also trying to figure out if we can serve lunches and dinners in the garden from time to time.

So we're up and running. Up and learning. Up and pleasing -- hopefully, delighting -- our guests. We hope you'll stop by for lunch, dinner, brunch, dessert or cocktails. Bring some friends. Help us grow. Come see Detroit and The Whitney. We're back!