Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello Whitney Fans

I hope you're still out there.

It's been awhile since I've posted anything but we're going to try to be more regular in the future.

Business is good, thank you. Comments are excellent. People -- including the local restaurant critics --seem to like Chef J's food and the ambiance we're trying to create. We've had more and more walk-in business (i.e., no reservations) at lunch time and our brunches and dinners have been busy, lively and fun. On Easter Sunday we were so busy I found myself bussing tables, which must have been a real treat for the professionals watching me stumble about!

Soon we'll be ripping up the front of the place to repair the fence and put in new walks and lawns and remove that big, ugly (to me anyway) awning to let the house shine through. We're also looking at some new carpeting for selected areas.

Meanwhile, yes, Virginia, we do have an answering machine and we are attempting to make sure the phone is answered whenever you call and that somebody will get back to you as soon as possible if they aren't there to answer your call. We apologize to anyone who had a different experience, and we thank you for letting us know about it.

And, yes, Virginia, we will be having garden parties again this summer, hopefully more than in past years and with some fun new twists. We're also trying to figure out if we can serve lunches and dinners in the garden from time to time.

So we're up and running. Up and learning. Up and pleasing -- hopefully, delighting -- our guests. We hope you'll stop by for lunch, dinner, brunch, dessert or cocktails. Bring some friends. Help us grow. Come see Detroit and The Whitney. We're back!



Matt said...

Hey Bud-

Tried checking our your website, but apparently, it's down for the time being.

The 3rd Floor bar is still going to be open this Friday, April 27th, right? I'd like to stop by for drinks.

Please let me know. mhstanton313 (at) comcast (dot) net.

Bud Liebler said...

Matt --

We'll definitely be open Friday night and would love to have you stop by. Over time our hope is to freshen up the bar a bit to enliven it and make it even more appealing. Your suggestions are welcome.


M. Hepfer said...

I just listened to your interview on 950 AM (via the internet) and I couldn't be more proud. I plan on eating at the Whitney upon my next visit. I can't believe it has been 20 years since my last meal there! Keep up the good work, Detroit needs you.

Bud Liebler said...

Hmmmm...I used to know an M. Hepfer and I'm wondering if you're the same one, now living somewhere in Massachusetts or Connecticut, I think.

Anyway, whoever and wherever you are, thanks for the note and please do stop by next time you're in town.

Look for more changes at The Whitney. We'll be taking down the wrought iron fence in front, replacing it with chain link while we sand blast the wrought iron and get it ready to stand another 50 years. Later in May we'll start to redo the gardens in front of the mansion. It's going to look beautiful!

Business is good. Come on down and check us out!


E. Burns said...


I discovered your website while researching a book that I am writing on building stone. The Whitney is a beautiful building. One small comment--South Dakota Jasper is not granite; it is a variety of quartzite, a metamorphic rock. Thought you might be interested.

Jeff said...

Hi Bud!
I'm just glad to see the garden parties will be happening again this summer. I've been a regular for a few years and every year turn more friends on to it. I have some people coming in from California this summer and would love to show them a great time outside in Detroit and the garden party is just the ticket! Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know when the garden parties will resume.. Me & my friends would like to attend. Cyndi -St.Clair Shores

Ted said...

Hey wheres the list of Garden Party Events whats up post them so we can go.

Bud Liebler said...

Ted -
We have our Garden Parties every Thursday evening from 5-9pm until Labor Day.


Cari said...

Are there any themes for the garden parties? or fundraisers that are goin on? thanks.

Cari said...

Are there any themes for the garden parties or any fundraisers? thanks.

steve said...

I hear your garden parties are great...tell me about them, please.

Anonymous said...

We hadn't eaten at The Whitney for years. Last night we did and we loved almost all of it. The first and second courses were great. It fell down slightly with dessert. The berry concoction should have been more berries and less pastry, which was dry. And the pineapple trio was not up to its description. My husband said the ice cream was OK. It would be great if you could top off such a nice meal, great presentation and warm and efficient service with a flourish. Please work on your desserts and we'll be back to see if you have! Sincerely, Judy and Ed Berne West Bloomfield

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the entertainment from Jason on the weekends at the bar. I hope he will be there more often!

Cecelia said...

Since I "zipped" a note off to a "fellow Chrysler ICON, COWORKER/ ASSOCIATE"...(THAT WOULD BE --- YOU)
The children have been mitigating a new location... HOW SAD!?

GEE WHIZ...I would... at this point be embarrassed to attend.

Well...they are worried about "my note to you" and the people that have /or have NOT "reviewed the communication with YOU."

Mr. Liebler...I feel --LET DOWN. YOU speak so "Highly" of "Our Town" and the people... As I DO. Such as yourself. People that are evolved to revive the Downtown Community.

They are --let me get this straight-- worried about "STUFF that may be put in their food" that night.

How sad!?

Anonymous said...

hey bud,

please can you have more vegeterian items on the menu. thanks, bud

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