Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"An Absolutely Marvelous Time!"

My staff was so delighted and overwhelmed by the wonders of The Whitney, the beauty and graciousness of the restaurant, the staff and the chef. We had a great time and it makes it difficult for me to come up with something next Christmas to top this one.

Diedre and Kim did a spectacular job of taking care of us. The gentlemen bussing the tables were right on top of everything. The food was divine and the presentation....,what can I say but beyond expectations. The chef made a sampler of the appetizers and had 10 or 11 chef’s walk out each with a platter. They stood behind each of us and placed the platter down all at the same time. We all felt like royalty. Then the head chef explained what everything was and so our meal began!

Between the entrée and dessert, Jim took everyone on a tour of the Whitney. Then the chef made a sampler of the desserts for each of us. We could not have had a better time if we tried.

The menus were a huge hit. The staff were all exclaiming about having our name across the top and no prices listed. They were like kids in a candy shop.

By Roslyn Bashawaty

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