Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Wicked Winds and a Wedding

June 21st, 2008 started off as a gorgeous day for a wedding at The Whitney. The garden was decorated to perfection with amazing centerpieces upon crisp white linens, champagne colored ribbons draped from the Peachtree, and the bride's signature drink was poured and waiting to be picked up by 125 guests as it sparkled in the sun. It was picture perfect... until 15 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start...

In a matter of moments, the sky darkened, the wind started howling, and then the rain and pea-sized hail came. We moved to Plan B as the staff immediately grabbed umbrellas, saved the 5 tiered cupcake wedding cake, and began moving the ceremony to the 2nd & 3rd floor staircase landing in front of the fabulous Tiffany stained glass windows. It was an epic Michigan storm out there.

We do many Whitney weddings inside where we serve hors d'oeuvres on the second floor and open our Winter Garden bar on the third. So this wasn't new to us. It turned out to be so wonderful, that many thought our Plan B should have been Plan A all along.

The Bride was absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out and the very next morning, she sent an amazing letter thanking the staff and praising the venue and the service.

So how does this fairytale wedding end... well they lived happily ever after (celebrating their new lives together in SUNNY Costa Rica)!

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Krystle Czajkowski said...

What a fancy blog and new web site! =) The web site looks great!! Great photography - I see that Brian Glass played a part in that. It looks like everything is going great up there in Detroit! You've got the Stanley Cup......almost a trip to the NBA finals...almost...and the Tigers are in pretty good shape. You can't ask for much more! I'll be in town for a wedding August 8-17. Hope to catch up with everyone then.