Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flavors of Michigan Charity Event

Last night The Whitney took part in the "Flavors of Michigan" Charity Event hosted by the American Liver Foundation at the Ritz Carlton in Dearborn. Follow the below link for a description of the event.
The Whitney was auctioned off at the highest price of $1,000.00. Our chefs served a 5 course meal to the group that took part in the auction. It was a very successful event.

Here are some more events happening around The Whitney...
The Detroit Regional Chamber is hosting an event here tomorrow in the Garden with about 70 people. We also have The Detroit Wine Organization hosting an event on June 18th, they will be having close to 100 people in the Garden for a wine tasting. On June 20th we are out-catering an event at the Zoo for 2,000 people. We will keep you updated on these and more events coming up.

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