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Party Like A Rock Star at The Whitney
DateTuesday, July 7, 2009 at 10:52AM | AuthorBecks Davis

In 1894, when the David Whitney House was completed, the Detroit Free Press described it as, "an American palace enjoying the distinction of being one of the most pretentious modern homes in the state and one of the most elaborate houses in the west."

It’s an amazing structure built in the Romanesque Revival style with Tiffany windows throughout. Unfortunately, David Whitney only lived in the house for 6 years before he died. The house has had few owners since then and today we know it as the fashionable and upscale restaurant, The Whitney.

The historic Whitney Mansion.But the Whitney isn’t just for fancy schmancy dinners. It also has a cool vibe side; they have been doing their 89x Garden Parties for a while now on Thursdays. Earlier this summer they started Twilight Tuesdays and it has caught my attention.

Twilight Tuesdays, like the 89x parties, are also in the garden. It launched on June 2nd and will continue throughout the summer, rain or shine. If it rains the party just moves from the garden to the Ghost Bar. Why did Twilight Tuesdays catch my eye? The party is from 8pm-1am and there is a $20 cover. But, and this is why it got my attention, that cover gives you an open bar from 8pm-11pm. I know a lot of people who could make that $20 worth their while. Oh, and there is music with DJ Captn20. All this on beautiful summer evening at one of the most pretentious homes in the Midwest. Yep, sounds like a good time to me.

Oh, and they have a happy hour. The Whitney offers “rain or shine” happy hour Tuesdays through Fridays from 5pm-7pm. The happy hour specials are $3 domestic beers and $5 cocktails.

So, we have Twilight Tuesdays, 89x Garden Parties on Thursdays, and “rain or shine” happy hour. As a special bonus there are people who say the old Whitney mansion is haunted. Oh yeah, I’m so there.

The Whitney is located at 4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Phone: (313) 832-5700. Please remember to drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

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