Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wendell is Back in MidTown!

When was the last time you drove through Midtown and caught a glimpse of a garden gnome kicking back and sipping a dirty martini? If you have driven past The Whitney on Woodward in the last two weeks you would have seen the return of Wendell – The Whitney’s garden gnome. Although Wendell made his debut last year (on the Northeast corner of Woodward and Canfield), he is back and happier than ever that its summer in Michigan and that The Whitney gardens are officially open!

But wait, that’s not the only sign that’s new! Have you also noticed that The Whitney has a gorgeous new sign out front? We decided to do some Spring cleaning and took down the burgundy awning in our driveway. We didn’t want to block the beautiful view of the mansion any longer but instead wanted showcase a cleaner and more updated sign in front of the house on the fence.

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