Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday Brunch with a Twist!

As the new Obama Administration takes over in Washington, Detroit, even more than the rest of the country, is experiencing extraordinarily difficult times and it’s important that we all pull together and help each other. The Whitney is offering neighborhood churches an opportunity for a first class social event that will bring parishioners together as a family while at the same time raising funds for their church.

The proposal is to offer a Sunday (excluding Easter and Mother’s Day) where the parishioners can enjoy The Whitney’s Signature Sunday Brunch at our regular rate of $38 per person ($15 for children 10 and under) with a portion of all proceeds being returned to the church. The Whitney offers outstanding food and great service in the most elegant surroundings in Detroit. Sunday brunches are our most popular activity and would offer the church an opportunity for personal social time with members of the congregation.

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